Switch up your routine without switching studios.  Vibez Studio offers a variety of group classes including Pilates, Spinning, TRX, Dance, Boot Camp, Pole Dancing, Aerial, Barre, Yoga and more.


LIVE STREAM Vibez Studio classes in your home daily! Workout and connect with other members in the comfort and safety of your own home. 



In-person one on one training now in session.  To schedule an appointment with your favorite instructor email

9 Studios - 1 Location


Pilates Studio

Pilates Reformer machines used to incorporate a challenging and intense workout.  Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while targeting specific muscle groups.  Limit 5 people per class for personalized attention.  Great for people with injuries.

- pre registration required

- not available in memberships

Official Spinning Studio

Indoor cycling, often called spinning, as an organized activity, is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery.  LED lighting and booming sound system make the class feel more like a party than a workout.

- pre registration required

- falls under gold membership


Dance Fitness Studio

Dancing is a total body cardio workout that will having you moving and sweating to the beat.  LED lighting and state of the art sounds system feels like a night out at the club.  Learn some new moves while burning calories.  Dance classes:  Zumba, Socacize, Hip Hop & more

- walk ins welcome

- falls under silver membership

Boot Camp Studio

These total body workouts include the use of props such as resistance bands, hand weights, gliders, ropes, magic circles and more.  

walk ins welcome

- falls under silver membership

Yoga Studio

Yoga is both spiritual and physical.  Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation.  It helps to improve health, flexibility, toning and happiness.

- pre registration required

- falls under gold membership

Pole Dancing Studio

Sexy exercises using floor to ceiling pole give your body a full workout, including strength-based internal training and isometric muscle contractions.  Great for all levels. 

- pre registration required

falls under gold membership

Barre Studio

Inspired by elements of ballet, yoga and pilates, Barre focuses on low-impact, high intensity  movements designed to strengthen and tone the entire body.

- walk ins welcome

- falls under silver membership

TRX Suspension Studio

The TRX system, also known as Total Resistance exercises, refers to a specialized form of suspension training that utilizes equipment 

developed by former U.S. Navy Sea


- pre registration required

- falls under gold membership

Aerial Hammock Studio

A full body yoga-style exercise using a hammock for strength training, balance and posture work in a combination of cardio, strengthening and toning moves. 

- pre registration required

- falls under gold membership