Spine Corrector
  • Spine Corrector

    • This yoga Pilates massage bed has high density, strong bearing capacity, stable support, concave bottom design, removable, multi-angle use, environmentally friendly EPP material, light weight, easy to move, high quality and safe EPP material, non-toxic and tasteless To protect your health.
    • Pilates massage table is an excellent tool for Pilates, it can exercise while correcting or restoring the natural curvature of the spine, strengthen and strengthen the trunk, shoulders, back and legs. Pilates orthosis is suitable for many occasions, physical exercise, outdoor sports, cervical rehabilitation
    • Movable design helps to enhance endurance, enhance balance, improve posture, adjust curve, relieve pain, improve spine balance, suitable for sedentary office workers, postpartum physical rehabilitation, poor balance, yoga training and other people.
    • The front of the Pilates massage bed is curved, while the back is soft, which is very suitable for ergonomics. It is very suitable for the use of artificial body design, which can practice the perfect fit of body parts during yoga
    • The Pilates Massage Table is a great Pilates tool that can be used to exercise, strengthen the torso, shoulders, back and legs while correcting and restoring the natural curvature of the spine.