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zumba weight loss testimonials

zumba weight loss before and after

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zumba testimonials

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Vibez Studio


Hi, my name is Judy Avigdor. I have been taking Zumba classes at Vibez studio for 1 ½ years. Upon reading various testimonials on the Vibez site , I have decided to write something from a totally different way of looking at Zumba. Everyone who has taken Zumba on a regular basis can affirm to the fact that Zumba puts you in a good mood during classes and afterwards. You have the potential of making new friends in which you share a common goal of enjoying dancing to the Zumba music and the tremendous potential of losing weight. (I too lost 40 lbs. while coming to Vibez.) But now I will analyze Zumba from a different perspective. I am an Occupational Therapist for 35 years and my training included coursework in Psychology, neuropsychology, Psychiatry, and Physical Sciences such as Anatomy, Kinesiology, and Physiology. I want to discuss the tremendous benefits for taking Zumba. They include Psychological, Emotional, and Physical.

Consistent participation in Zumba toning and Zumba classes provide an increased level of energy, increased ability to focus in school or at work, increased balance, coordination, and core muscle strength, increased muscle tone, stress release(forget anger management- you won’t need it ), and calming effect which lasts for quite a few hours after the class. Weight bearing exercises also keep your bones strong.

Sensory Processing is a term which refers to the complex set of actions that enable the brain to organize and interpret all the information that is going on both inside your body and in the world around you. Examples of impaired Sensory Processing are being overly sensitive, under responsive, very moody,or not being able to control your emotions, ie: anger. Zumba classes provides multisensory input which improves how we see, receive, and interact with the environment.

All of the instructors working at Vibez are terrific, but I will now analyze classes I take with Rachel, who doesn’t even know the extent of how she is helping members of Vibez.

1. Each one of Rachel’s classes are challenging, which is what you want and need from a real beneficial Zumba class. It is not enough to just have fun.You need to challenge yourself in order to grow.
2. Due to hormonal changes in your body after a Zumba class with Rachel you have a feeling of psychological, physical, and emotional well being. It usually lasts at least 2 days.
3. If you take Rachel’s classes consistently, you will lose weight and you will sweat. She will remind you to drink water. At least 6 members in Rachel’s class have lost an average of 40 lbs.
4. Rachel’s background as a dancer is very evident when she dances as well as her knowledge of kinesiology.
5. Rachel integrates exercises from Brain Gym and scool moves( for all you teachers and therapists reading this) for those of you not familiar with these. They are programs highly utilized in schools to help students increase their attention span, ability to focus ,ability to think more clearly, and improve coordination and motor planning.
6. Rachel includes weightbearing activities and matwork in her routines which help strengthen bones and core muscles.
7. Rachel may not realize the full extent of all the good she does through her classes but as a therapist I sure do and love Rachel and her classes for it.Every class she instructs is still challenging for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Zumba Testimonials Before and After Pictures

before and after zumba pictures
before / after

“My resolution last year wasn't to just lose weight .. that was my wish every day! But rather to better myself, mentally and physically. I started an eating program and joined a gym, and while my eating habits improved, my gym time did not. I hate just walking on a treadmill or an elliptical, and lifting some weights... it's just so mundane! I'm also not one of those people you will ever hear say "I'm going for a run!" No.

My good friend introduced me to Vibez. I went to a free class and immediately fell in love. The "vibe" (no pun intended) is really just cool, and fun. The instructors are super friendly, encouraging people who really know their stuff! It turned me from "ugh I need to go workout" to figuring how to get out of work early, so I can get to a certain class. Now I can take up to 3 classes if I wanted to! Last year I could hardly get through one! And the thing is.. I want to... I love it! I'm obsessed! More importantly, I'm healthier, have less anxiety, and don't cry when I'm clothes shopping! I wore a bikini this summer! It's amazing.

Vibez is amazing.. The owner May is probably the nicest woman I've ever met. It’s my second home. it's helped me reach goals, and set new ones. It's introduced me to people I know I will be friends with for life. It's made me a happier, more confident me! And if I can say that, I know anyone can.

While at vibez I lost 54lbs.”

-Jessica Rigney

before and after zumba pictures
before / after

I was putting this off, as I don't really like looking through the before photos. But looking at them today, it made me realize how far I have come. I joined Vibez just over 2 years ago, and am down around 50 pounds. I was so nervous my first day, but found I could follow along, and was hooked on day 1. When I started, "my spot" was in the last row, as hidden possible....now "my spot" is right up in the first row!

I try to get to Zumba 3 times a week. I haven't changed my eating habits, as I have been "on a diet" for about 30 years. I was good at the diet, but I wasn't moving. So, although I was eating healthy, and not too many calories, my day revolved around sitting at my desk.

I want to thank everyone at Vibez for their support and encouragement. A special thank you to Seva, Rueben and Nando, for being phenomenal instructors! And another thank you to all my Zumba friends, who make coming to class so much fun.


before and after zumba pictures
before / after

I have been a member of Vibez for over a year, but I started coming to classes religiously since April 2013. I take an average of 9-11 classes a week, and I love every single class (Zumba, Zumba toning, kicking butt, total body, hip hop Zumba, and booty barre). This journey has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It was hard at the beginning but it is so worth it!! I am very grateful to all Vibez AMAZING Instructors and May, they made my journey so much FUN!! I have lost the weight but I gained so many friends! The other thing I have to say is good luck to everyone starting their journey! Keep going, motivate yourself and change will come!!


before and after zumba pictures
before / after

In March I started doing Zumba (Seva's Class) I weighed in at 180lbs. I was afraid to start Zumba, because of that old adage "you can't teach and old dog new tricks" I was afraid that I wasn't going to learn the steps and routine, and I was going to waste my time, but Seva makes you feel sooo comfortable in class, she is uplifting and so positive. It was confirmed today July 26th 2013 that I have hit my goal weight of 135lbs, which I haven't seen that number since 2005/2006 when I was 23/24, now a little over a week from my 30th birthday, I can say I am back in the body I belong to. I want to thank all who encouraged me and supported me at Vibez Studio, don't be afraid to try something new.

The picture I have attached is a before and after, the before was taken on my birthday in 2012, the after was taken July 7th 2013...I hope I can inspire other's to try out Zumba...Go Vibez Studios and Go Seva.

Thank you,
Patrice Mytides

before and after zumba pictures
  zumba results before and after

I started my Zumba journey over a year ago when, on a whim, I bought a Groupon and decided to try this new form of exercise that everyone was raving about. I am not one for gyms or treadmills or step classes or running or anything that remotely bears resemblance to working out, so I figured I'd try this and see if it's any different. Well, from the first class I was HOOKED! An hour flew by and all I had done was dance and have fun! (And sweat A LOT!!!) I have grown to LOVE this form of "working out" because it doesn't feel like you're working out at all! It's actually fun! Over a year later, with some alterations to my diet as well, I have lost over 26 pounds. I have introduced many friends to Zumba and they too are addicted and seeing results! I am so thankful to all the instructors at Vibez for creating these amazingly FUN classes where we can go, shake our booties, burn hundreds of calories, get healthier and ENJOY doing it! And of course many thanks to May, the head honcho at Vibez, for bringing this to our neighborhood.

Kelly Sinanis

before and after zumba pictures
  zumba results before and after

I'm addicted! Zumba is my drug. Since I started coming to Vibez, my love for Zumba just keeps growing. That's me back in September of 2012. In just 4 months of coming to Vibez 3-4 times a week, I dropped 30 pounds and gained a better appreciation for life. I feel great and have tons of energy. I have a full time job and 3 young kids so YES, you can fit Zumba into to your life. I love coming to Vibez; the instructors are AWESOME, have great energy and totally inspire you. You can tell they are passionate about sharing their love of Zumba with everyone! And most importantly, IT'S FUN!!!!!! Give Zumba a try and you are guaranteed to become a Zumbaholic like me!

Lauren Keilbach

I have been coming to Vibez, religiously, for almost a year. From the first day, I was hooked! It's just as fun as going to a dance club--- with better results!
Unlike the gyms I attended previously, Vibez offers Zumba classes every day in the mornings and nights. So, I can always fit a workout into my schedule. The schedules are conveniently posted online and on FB too. The night club lights and decorations create a festive environment in contrast to the warehouse lighting and design of many gyms.
At Vibez, there's a variety of instructors, so you can choose which ones match your music taste, dance style, and fitness needs. Regardless of which ones you choose, all the teachers are welcoming and will make your workout feel like an adventure. The instructors give you the freedom to modify movements and even call you to dance on stage when they see you shining in the crowd.
In Zumba, there is no competition. In fact, I'm impressed by the number of friendships that I have made in the past year. At Vibez, everyone talks to one another, jokes around, and applauds our fellow dancers througout the class. The owners of the gym seek our input consistenly and organize fun holiday and fundraising events througout the year.
Since coming to Vibez, I have lost 5 dress sizes, found a healthy way to cope with stress, and made new friends. If you haven't already, take a Zumba class at Vibez! I'm convinced that your first class won't be your last class. See you on the dance floor! - Lenia

before and after zumba pictures
  zumba results before and after

So, there I am on the left in 2009. At the age of 41 I was overweight, had high cholesterol, on blood pressure medication, & the brace on my knee was commonplace as my knee kept going out on me. In 2010 I took a fitness class that would literally change my life! It was my first Zumba class with now renowned ZIN Jammer Coco Xie. I was hooked from the very first song, and I’ve been doing Zumba ever since!

I started at Vibez in October 2011. I take an average of 8 -10 classes a week consistently. Although I continue to love Zumba, Vibez offers a variety of classes, so I’ve been trying new things and challenging myself. I take Kettle bells, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga/stretch, & Zumba Toning. I am very happy to report that I’m down 30 pounds and lots of inches! I’ve gained muscle, confidence, and lots of new friends!

The instructor Marcos Leyton particularly inspired me. He encouraged me to become a Zumba instructor for myself! In May of 2012 at the “ripe old age” of 43, I went for the licensing training! I am enjoying inspiring others just as Zumba inspired me! PS – my cholesterol is now normal, I’m off the blood pressure medication & I threw out the knee brace!

NEVER say NEVER and NEVER say CAN’T! Zumba love!

A huge thank you to my friend, instructor and eye candy Marcos for helping me lose 35lbs!!! I love Zumba and I love Marcos!!!!! Xoxo - Eleni Basios Franks

Hi May. Just wanted to show you what a difference your Zumba and the amazing Jenna has made. This was me with celebrity designer Tobi Fairley. I am now 25 pounds lighter!!! I maintained that weight for over a year. That picture was taken at a interior design event last year. But I could never drop the weight. I always maintained that weight no matter what I did. When I started Zumba in February, is when it just fell off. No major changes in eating habits, just gone. Now I am maintaining the same lose. I plan to start watching what I eat and combining it with your classes to lose that last 10-15 pain in the butt pounds!!! Hope it does help people like me that can't understand why the scale won't budge no matter what you do. A girl like me with no rhythm, only taking 3-4 classes a month and not eating after 10pm was able to make this big change with those little changes. Now I am going to do Zumba at least 8 times a month, watch my eating habits and stop eating after 9:00pm. Let's see the changes after that regiment! I still have 20 more pounds to go, but this is the 30lbs difference from the picture I sent you a few weeks ago. Vibez is getting my sexy back! Thank you. Barabara V.

before and after zumba pictures
  zumba results before and after

Hello, My name is Betsy Lazarus Rouse and I am a 56 year old resident of Bay Terrace. My current weight loss story began in January when I returned to Weight Watchers in Bay Terrace at my topmost heaviest weight. I had no energy and was falling asleep on the couch watching TV by 9 pm. I had purchased a Groupon for Vibez Studio in November and had yet to join.I finally tried a Zumba Gold class. One of the woman, very trim, energetic, and older than me, recommended some other instructors. I began coming regularly, watched Michelle, winner of the studio's Biggest Loser contest, just melting away. I have lost 22 lbs. so far and look forward to losing at least that much more. Zumba at Vibez helped bring the joy back to my body. I'm now also bicycling, walking, and doing video workout at home in addition Zumba. I especially love Jennifer's classes, she is a great instructor who makes it fun and do-able for participants of all levels. Thanks for being part of my weight loss journey!
Sincerely, Betsy Lazarus Rouse

zumba before and after pics
  zumba body before and after

Hello Vibez (May :) ) I definetely can say that zumba improved my life and my appearance by a great deal. I come when I can due to heavy and hectic work schedule and dealing with a small baby, and those rare chances had helped get skinnier. I havent yet reached my goal, but I am on my way. I went through all my pix since I joined vibez back in October, and take a look at my progression through June Best regards, Svetlana.

zumba reviews before and after
  is zumba good

All I can say, is that Zumba at Vibez ROCKS! I never thought I could find exercising to be so much fun. In fact, I think I'm a bit addicted to class. Thank goodness you chose to open Vibez when you did. I had just signed up with Weight Watchers and I was looking to increase my physical activity locally to help me jump start my weight loss. I've never before been able to stay on a diet or exercise program, but somehow I'm staying on track! I think it has a lot to do with your wonderful staff and customers who are all so encouraging and friendly! So far, I've lost 17 pounds and my goal is 30. I think we'll be able to do it together! I've attached a "before" photo and "after" photo (just of my face). Can you see the difference?? Here's to staying on track with Vibez. Thanks, Susan

zumba lose weight
  is zumba good for you

I love Jenna's class. Jenna's classes are very energetic, yet not difficult to follow. Whenever Jenna's routine involves jumping, I am always able to modify if I need to. I find most of the instructors have a set of basic moves for a song that get repeated. So, if it is your first time doing a routine, by the middle of the song you can follow. I love Marcos, which is a very dance oriented class. I also am enjoying Gloria for the morning toning class. Last week Jasmine subbed for toning, which was my 1st class with her, and I thought she was very good.
I really have enjoyed just about every instructor. They each have their unique style, and I enjoy the changes from instructor to instructor. Christy was my first Zumba instructor, and I signed-up that day, after that 1st class, for the monthly schedule. I thought she was really good, and since it was my first class, I tried to follow, and did not feel intimidated. I love the Vibez Studio. Last week was my 1 year anniversary at Vibez, and I have lost 40 pounds. I am down 3 sizes, and just have to keep buying new clothing!!! Thanks again for listening, and having a great studio.
- Merrill

“The class was definitely fun, the instructor goes around the class to make sure everyone is doing ok and corrects your move if needed. I learned how to do 3 spins around the pole, gained a few aches and a lingering muscle ache for the whole day, however all was worth it! I decided to take pole dancing classes because I was told it is a total body work out and it definitely is! No Pain, No Gain. And of course you get to learn cool spins on the pole. You'll definitely see me in the next class!”

ALL YOUR INSTRUCTORS are amazing and full of energy.Rachaels class on Sunday is intense and insane but she makes you work muscles you never knew existed. Marcos is great with the crowd.Ericas zumba is awesome with excellent music choices I just think her toning class is more on the easy side and should be a little more difficult :-)
I love your place ! p.s. we need more 8pm classes so I can make it after work

Hi , I want to thank Vibez because Zumba has changed my life. Im diabetic, high blood pressure, bad liver, high cholesterol. I honestly take 9 pills and a shot of insulin daily, Ive been feeling down and to top it off had a pre stroke in 2011. I started Zumba and made it a routine to go to Zumba classes daily. I have seen results, I feel better health wise, just last week I had my blood test again (every 3months), my numbers are down that my doctor were surprised. He lowered my doses which had me so happy. Just knowing my health is better motivated me even more to continue and to tell my friends to try Zumba and they also will be hooked. All the instructors here at Vibes are great. I enjoy every class. thanks you again and God bless

Just wanted to show you what a difference your Zumba and the amazing Jenna has made. I am now 25 pounds lighter!!!

I maintained that weight for over a year. That picture was taken at a interior design event last year. But I could never drop the weight. I always maintained that weight no matter what I did.

When I started Zumba in February, is when it just fell off. No major changes in eating habits, just gone. Now I am maintaining the same lose. I plan to start watching what I eat and combining it with your classes to lose that last 10-15 pain in the butt pounds!!!

Unfortunately I have no nice shots of me now. I plan to take some ASAP as I think it will be a great idea to post on your site. Hope it does help people like me that can't understand why the scale won't budge no matter what you do. A girl like me with no rhythm, only taking 3-4 classes a month and not eating after 10pm was able to make this big change with those little changes.

Now I am going to do Zumba at least 8 times a month, watch my eating habits and stop eating after 9:00pm. Let's see the changes after that regiment!

Barbara V.

Cathy K.
Whitestone, NY
A Zumba studio in the neighborhood?! Words can't express my happiness. Seriously, if you haven't taken a Zumba class yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. This is the best cardio workout out there. And now that Vibez is around, you have no excuse NOT to try it. Rhythm or not, you will be hooked! (And if you're someone without rhythm, no worries - I bet you will improve with these moves!)

A Zumba class at Vibez is only $10 and they have discounted class cards that are SO worth it. I bought the one that's $50 for 6 classes (But 5, get 1 Free) but I plan to buy the unlimited $80 one when I know I will be able to attend that many classes in a month. Parking is free in the lot; just ignore the signs and park anywhere, the only exception being the wine place.

The studio is a perfect size with a little stage for instructors to stand on. The lights are dim with a fluorescent pink - a fun touch and perfect for Zumba. There's a dressing room with a comfortable low-to-the-ground black couch and some chairs. There are magazines to read while you wait for your class to start, and coloring books if you have brought along your child. There are plenty of hangers to hang up your coat and small lockers if you wish to put something away. I haven't seen anyone use the lockers since in the studio, there are shelves for your bag.

So far I have taken three classes: Marcos', Christina's, and Nikki's. I have also taken Erica's class but another studio. Each instructor is inspiring, motivating and talented. These people know how to dance and lead a great Zumba class! Their choreography is awesome and sexy (be prepared to shake & pop your booty!), just like it should be. You will break a sweat without even realizing it because it's so fun. The best thing about Vibez is their accommodating schedule and the variety of instructors. You are guaranteed to find a class for you, both in style and time. If you have little ones, they even offer Zumbatomic - Zumba for kids!

I met the guy that owns the studio last week and he is super nice. He let my friend and I in on some things he plans for Vibez in the coming months, and let's just say - It's only going to get better from here! The owner's devoted to this place and has a lot of great ideas.

Check their schedule at http://Vibezstudio.com. It doesn't change too much week to week, but you will notice special events and specialty classes pop up.

DEFINITELY check it out. "Join the party," people!

Review from Tamika W.
Tamika W.
Updated - 1/7/2012
I have been here many times since my initial review and I have to say I am not disappointed. The instructors are great and really encourage participation and the staff is very friendly and get to know you personally. The customers are also really friendly. Every instructor has there own style but there is a style for everyone.

Review from Michelle R.
I just started going here because I had enough of Lucille Roberts and dirty machines. It's so hard to stay motivated when you're watching your weight but when I come here I have so much fun I don't even notice I'm burning calories. As you see in the pictures its private so guys can't look in at you and stare. As mentioned you can get your first class free which was great because now I'm hooked. I don't look at it as going to work out, but as a great excuse to get out of the apt and let loose dancing. The instructors are very friendly and positive. I've been able to try a few different classes because I can work it around my schedule and see what times are good. I can already see a difference in my body and I've lost a few pounds easy. This is definitely a better option than any gym!!!!

Nikki M.
Bayside, NY
Beautiful studio that will soon be expanding! Friendly staff & LOTS of different instructors & classes to choose from!!

I like the personal touch of emails and staff at front desk
Thumbs Up

Great instructor, staffs are very friendly and helpful ! I wild return to this place for more Zumba lessons .........
Thumbs Up

Loved my experience, I already referred a few friends
Thumbs Up

It was sooo much fun.
Thumbs Up

Vibez studio is the next best thing to sliced bread! The classes and instructors are amazing. This place is very addicting!
Thumbs Up

Great class - lots of fun - nice clean space.
Thumbs Up

The staff was friendly and helpful. Fun instructor.
Thumbs Up

Great Workout!
Thumbs Up

Really enjoyed the class!!!
Thumbs Up

I will definitely return to VibeZ, and recommend it to my friends. The class I attended had just the right amount of participants. The teach was great, and the music was great. Good job VibeZ.
Thumbs Up

Great studio, great people, great experience!

by jennybean00

I love going to this studio because the class schedule fits perfectly into my routine. They make it easy to find a class that suits just about anyone. The studio is beautiful, well-kept, clean (a big plus in my book), and in a convenient location. The instructors are very knowledgeable and keep the energy high. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a satisfying workout.

Convenient schedule - everyone can make a class!

by StephDJD

It's easy to make excuses not to work out - it's boring...intimidating...classes aren't at convenient times, etc...however, this place is GREAT! First of all, it does not feel like you are going to work out - the place is super chic! Not only that but classes are offered at all times, so whether you like to work out early or late - they have a class for you. I find myself looking forward to my next class!

The instructors are all high energy and fun and I love the fact that I've been able to try different ones and they all have their own style while still being good and giving us a good workout! Love it and can totally see that coming to class is not going be a problem and I will reach my goal of losing some weight! :)



by zumbalover

Great space; Lovely staff; AMAZING instructors!

I am so happy to see this place open in the neighborhood- it's a great place to go after a long day at work and just release some stress. The instructors are all great and what's better is that they offer so many classes - everyone is bound to find one that will fit into their schedule.

StephSizzle 09/10/2011

First of all, the place is super chic…

First of all, the place is super chic - not like a regular gym at all! The Zumba classes didn't feel like a workout in the least bit - I laughed and before I knew it the hour was up and I had crazy energy! The instructors were very friendly but most importantly, were prepared and made me sweat - I felt great afterwards and look forward to many, many more classes there. Not to mention - the first class was FREE! That is never a bad thing! :)

Michelle1432 09/09/2011

I had so much fun, I normally hate…

I had so much fun, I normally hate working out but the Zumba classes at Vibez studio were off the hook. What a confidence booster. When I leave the studio I just feel sexier.

I like it a lot. Do they have any promotion on unlimited monthly pass ?
March 21, 2012

Thank you for going on Groupon because I wouldn't have known about your studio otherwise. I love the zumba class.
February 22, 2012

there is a good clientelle, everyone is nice.
February 20, 2012

same as above
February 19, 2012

I had one visit and was impressed with the knowledgeable instructor.....She had eye contact with everyone in the room and smiled throughout the whole workout....Her enthusiasm and dance moves made it fun and challenging.
January 1, 2012

It is run very smoothly. The instructor and staff are very professional and helpful. The schedule is great. They were open most of the Holiday season. I would recommend the Vibez Studio highly.
January 1, 2012

They really understand ZUMBA!
January 1, 2012

Good classes that get your moving & exercising to fun music. Instructors are very good overall.
December 11, 2011

Excellent class!!! Full of energy n fun!!! Very friendly staff!
December 4, 2011

If possible, consider expanding the room size.
December 4, 2011

Great classes! Finally found a workout that I have fun doing!!!
December 4, 2011

add more weekend classes so i can come more often!
December 4, 2011

Loved the class and teacher was great.
November 17, 2011

Went to my first class last night. 7:30 pm class, I think the instructor's name was Chirsty. She is great and so full of energy. She gets you super motivated. I hope all instructors are like her. Definitely going to continue going after my groupon is over.
November 17, 2011

First time at Vibez studio and my first Zumba class was on Tuesday night the 7:30 class. The instructor was awesome. Very high energy with a smile the whole time and kept me going. Amazing work out and felt very comfortable. Will definitely be going back. thanks!
November 17, 2011

It's a convenient location for me. Based on my one class I thought Mabel was a good instructor.
November 17, 2011

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